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Life changes. Children move out. Spouses retire. The dwelling that was once perfect for the family now is too big. Or too small. Or perhaps there is merely the desire for a different living space.

Many reasons force us to open a new life chapter.

This is why you need a Palm Beach Gardens REALTOR®, someone who will act as a liaison with a potential home buyer and will work full time in your behalf.

Ann Melendez, Palm Beach Gardens real estate expert, offers the experience and skills to guide you through the selling process, including advice on staging your home for the highest level of market appeal, providing advice for handling prospective buyers as well as the multi-faceted support you require to place your home on the competitive Palm Beach Gardens real estate market.

Selling a home can be stressful – confide your hopes, thoughts and concerns to a trusted real estate professional and the next stage of your life can be realized sooner than you think!

 Don’t listen to people who say you can sell your home without a REALTOR®.

Only a trained professional in the Palm Beach Gardens real estate market can walk you safely through the complicated selling process.

In addition to providing market data to help you establish the best selling price, based on market factors such as sales of similar properties, location, and home condition, there are many details of home-selling that require a real estate expert’s valuable knowledge.

Determining a reasonable asking price: Myriad factors come in to play when deciding the price for your home. Ann Melendez can provide up-to-date information on comparative properties to ensure you have established the best listing price.

Marketing plan: Marketing through a multiple listing service, open houses, and other networks are the best ways to gain your property exposure in the market. Ann Melendez, an experienced Palm Beach Gardens Realtor, also knows the best advertising methods, including print advertising, web-based marketing, and email campaigns, and when to advertise, to bring you the best results for your property.

Pre-screening potential buyers: Ann Melendez will ensure your home’s security by pre-screening and walking potential buyers through your home.

When you have a buyer, it’s time to talk price. Don’t leave that critical item in just anyone’s hands.

Ann Melendez can help evaluate the buyer’s offer and navigate you through the process of appraisals and inspection – the mounds of paperwork can be overwhelming. Among the issues:

  • Negotiating the price
  • Resolving appraisal issues
  • Applying new rules for contracts and closings
  • Resolving title issues, which could arise after the contract is written

 Other areas vital for the involvement of a REALTOR® include the purchase contract, which protects the seller in the event that the buyer cannot meet certain conditions of the sale. These conditions are critical issues associated with any property transaction and should only be entered into with the help of a professional.

If there are unexpected repairs or problems with the title, Ann Melendez will write an addendum that addresses all concerns and results in a successful conclusion. Between signing the contract and moving onto the next stage in your life, Ann Melendez will handle all the details and keep you in touch with every part of the transaction, every step of the way. Don’t worry about items that should be included or removed in the contract – these are details that are best handled by a professional real estate agent.

With expert REALTOR® Ann Melendez, you have selling power, and that translates into power over your lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to have that? your social media marketing partner

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