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Staging Your Palm Beach Gardens Home For Sale

Much emphasis is placed on the importance of staging when it comes to selling a home – it is, perhaps, the most important aspect of placing your property on the market, outside of establishing the selling price. First impressions count, so you want your home to put on its best face for prospective buyers.

This means paying attention to assorted details that might be overlooked in your day-to-day life – ridding your spaces of clutter, cleaning the garage, getting rid of debris on the property and cleaning it as much as possible. Every area of your home, inside and out, deserves attention.

Areas on which to concentrate include:

Lawn and curb appeal: Trim shrubbery, remove weeds, clear walkways

Interiors: Get rid of dull walls with fresh paint, shampoo carpets, wax hardwood floors, clean tiles, wash windows. Problem areas, such as holes or stains on walls, screen doors and cracked or loose molding, should also be repaired.

Living room: Who doesn’t like a cozy, inviting living room? Put out your best furniture and rugs and store the rest.

Dining room: Set the table for dinner – the scene you create will let prospective buyers imagine themselves seated around the table!

Kitchen: Clean, clear and organize. Let buyers see how much counter space you have and make sure the interiors – cabinets and drawers – are organized.

Bathrooms: Scrub tiles and floors, remove mildew, replace worn-out rugs and make sure fixtures are shiny and all counter areas are clear and thoroughly cleaned.

Master bedroom: The idea for the master bedroom is to enable potential buyers to see themselves enjoying the space as their own refuge. Organize the space, de-clutter and have it look as spacious as possible.

Garage: These areas should be as clutter-free and organized as possible. Clean out the dirt, dust off the cobwebs. Remove litter and debris.

After appointment has been made to show your home what else can you do?

  • On the day of showing, follow these extra steps to make your home’s beauty the focus of attention:
  • Place fresh flowers in key areas – kitchen, living room and master bedroom.
  • Open windows an hour before showing to let in the fresh air.
  • Open the drapes and shades to bring in the natural light during daytime hours.
  • Clear out the trash.
  • Restrain pets, either in the backyard or at a friend’s house. Eliminate pet odors.
  • Feel like baking? An aroma of cinnamon lends a comforting air to the space and makes it feel like home.
  • Make the beds. Pick up clothes and other debris, including toys.
  • Place jewelry and valuables in a safety deposit box or lock it away in a drawer or closet.

Always keep your home in its best shape, prepared for viewing by prospective buyers.

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